The only adjusting device of its kind

Today's Doctor of Chiropractic needs maximum controlled joint displacement combined with patient comfort and this is where the ARTHROSTIM™ Instrument reigns supreme. The ARTHROSTIM™ Instrument is unique. It produces rapid thrust and recoil at a rate of TWELVE TIMES PER SECOND. This frequency (often referred to as the low beta somatomotor rhythm) is twice the speed of other instruments. This outstanding rapidity supersaturates the target area with specific adjustive energy (forces). The energy continues to ripple through the joint to surrounding fringe tissues. This releases secondary trigger points and sites of muscular spasm, providing the relief and corrections that doctors want. Patients notice a positive difference with the first treatment.

The ARTHROSTIM™ Instrument delivers true high-velocity, short-stroke thrusts. The rapid thrust and unique recoil produced by the ArthroStim™ Instrument activate the patients’ proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors without recruiting the pain receptors (nocioceptors), providing the comfort today's patient demands.

The versatile ARTHROSTIM™ Instrument adapts easily to a very broad spectrum of high and low force chiropractic techniques. A doctor proficient in any one of the instrument adjusting techniques will find it especially easy to integrate the ArthroStim™ Instrument into his or her practice. The ARTHROSTIM™ Instrument adjustment is finely focused where it counts more: at the doctor-patient interface. The ARTHROSTIM™ Instrument allows the doctor tremendous control over all adjustment variables. The doctor may therefore easily and rapidly expand his or her armamentarium of techniques an advantage and a benefit that is noticed and appreciated by referring patients.